OPTISOFA x Packhelp

OPTISOFA x Packhelp

End project : 2021
Category : Office space
Scope : Coffee Lounges, Focus Rooms

In November 2021, packing.to opened an office in Warsaw designed to work in a hybrid model. It is a space for creative cooperation and building relationships between employees. The architects chose Uma sofas and armchairs as well as Harris chaise longues for the new packing office. The new packing.to office is located in Wola and occupies two floors with a total area of 2,500 m2, thus offering a huge space for creativity.

The space in the packing.to office has been designed based on a concept combining a traditional office with a co-working space. This is a way to stimulate cooperation and create conditions that encourage mutual inspiration among employees.

In the packing.to office, we focused on creating a space that will allow for comfortable and effective work. We wish for more such cooperation!

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